Charge the State Trooper who shot and killed Andrew Junior Smyrna

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Justice for Andrew Junior Smyrna (AKA. AJ)

Grieving our son’s death while the police officer who shot and killed him is not charged by the Georgia Dekalb County District Attorney.

The Smyrna family need your help and support in handling the officers responsible for Andrew Junior Smyrna’s death arrested and charged. On January 23rd, 2020 Mr. Smyrna was shot several times by a Georgia State Patrol Officer while he was trying to leave from a parking position when the officer arrived and began shooting from the passenger side of the vehicle. He fired off approximately 7-9 shots while the car was turning left on the narrow street, in the opposite direction of the patrol vehicle. After the shooting it was confirmed that the officer was called for assistance by an Atlanta police officer to investigate an alleged stolen rental car report. The evidence was withheld for eleven months form the family as well as the family’s attorney while the case was handed to the Dekalb County District Attorney for an open investigation.

On December 8th, 2020 the district attorney called a meeting with the family to explain the evidence; police body camera, State Trooper vehicle dash camera, witness statements. There were missing evidence such as the medical examiner’s report, GBI report, ambulance report, police officers report, and independent inspectors report. In addition, the family has not received Mr. Smyrna’s personal property. After the review of the power point presentation including the attorney and family questioning of the evidence presented, the District Attorney concluded by stating “after examining the evidence, it was difficult for her to rest and believe things need to be change. She also said, “Do I believe something is wrong (yes), do I see something wrong (yes). I hired three independent inspectors and consulted with my colleagues; however, I cannot rule on a criminal judgement base on policy and procedure.”

It took seven seconds for the officer to fire seven-nine bullets on my son’s car from the passenger side while missing the passenger in the front seat of the car. He continued shooting at the car while Mr. Smyrna was driving away. The State Trooper was very aggressive in causing bodily harm to my son. The officer’s defense is that he faired for his life because he thought that Mr. Smyrna would use his car to run him over. I believe the District Attorney should have used judgement within the law to examine the officer’s reckless manor, use of force, view point of where the shots were fired from, and endangerment of an occupant in the car, as well as other vehicles or people nearby. Furthermore, the officer has never been placed off duty during the investigation process of this case and is still on duty.

Another problem with this case is that when the State Trooper arrived at the place where Mr. Smyrna car was parked and he saw him backing up his car to make a U-turn, the officer jumped out of his vehicle with his pistol drawn and left it in drive. He immediately began shooting into Mr. Smyrna’s car.   Based upon the officer’s claim of fear for his life, a police officer is trained on how to protect his or her body from physical harm of civilians and as such will not position themselves in front of a moving car. Furthermore, if a car is coming at an officer, he will have to shoot from the front of the car and not from the side of the car.

I would like to see policy and procedure change for officer shooting and killing civilians because of claim that they fair for their life. The law must take into consideration the excessive use of force by police officers, including unjustified shootings for crimes involving stolen vehicles which should be handled by first requesting an arrest warrant.

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