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Petworks/SBK, implement the No-Kill Equation to stop killing animals for space reasons.

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Help us in bringing a stop to the unnecessary killing of shelter animals in Sullivan County, TN. In the last two decades, shelters in numerous communities across the country have implemented a series of programs and services to reduce birthrates, increase placements, and keep animals with their responsible caretakers. As a result, they are achieving unprecedented results, saving upwards of 99 percent of all impounded animals in open admission animal control facilities like the shelters operated by SBK/Petworks. Some of these communities are urban, others rural, some are politically liberal, and others are very conservative. Some are in municipalities with high per capita incomes, and others are in those known for high rates of poverty. These communities share very little demographically. What they do share is leadership at their shelters who have comprehensively implemented a key series of programs and services, collectively referred to as the “No Kill Equation.” The fundamental lesson from the experiences of these communities is that the choices made by shelter leadership are the most significant variables in whether animals live or die. Several communities are more than doubling adoptions and cutting killing by as much as 75 percent—and it isn’t taking them five years or more to do it either. They are doing it virtually overnight. In Reno, Nevada, local shelters initiated an incredible life-saving initiative that saw adoptions increase as much as 80 percent and deaths decline by 51 percent in one year, despite taking in a combined 16,000 dogs and cats. This is consistent with the results in Charlottesville (VA), Tompkins County (NY), Maryville, TN and many other communities in the U.S. but not yet in Sullivan County. 

Unfortunately, many shelter directors, among them the Petworks President and the Board of Directors not only remain steadfast in their refusal to embrace the No Kill paradigm, but are actively working against the very volunteers and rescues that could be the foundation for the No-Kill Equation, saving hundreds of dogs and cats every year in Sullivan County.  A new shelter is urgently needed, but more pressing is to put a stop to the unnecessary killing of animals in our own backyard in Sullivan County.

With your support, we are asking the political leaders of Kingsport, Bristol and Sullivan County to insist that Petworks is immediately implementing the following programs in partnership with volunteers and rescues to follow in the footsteps of the many communities in the U.S that have succeeded in saving the lives of tens of thousands of animals every year. 

·      Low Cost / No-Cost Community Cat/Dog Sterilization program

·      Actively partner with Rescue Groups

·      Building a comprehensive Foster Care Network

·      Comprehensive Adoption Programs

·      Medical & Behavior Programs

·      Public Relations/Community Development

·      Partnering with Volunteers – building an Army of Compassion

·      Proactive Redemptions

·      Pet Retention Program to reduce returns and surrenders

·      A Compassionate Director/President of the Board

The final element of the No Kill Equation (compassionate Director/ President) is the most important of all, without which all other elements are thwarted—a hard-working, compassionate animal control or shelter director not content to continue killing, while regurgitating tired clichés about “public irresponsibility” or hiding behind the myth of “too many animals, not enough homes.” No Kill is simply not achievable without rigorous implementation of these programs. They provide the only model that ever created No Kill communities. Not only are they saving lives, but they are saving taxpayer money as well. Many of the programs identified as key components of saving lives are more cost-effective than impounding, warehousing, and then killing animals.

It is up to all of us to demand from Petworks and the political leaders of Sullivan County, Bristol and Kingsport to no longer to settle for the excuses that shelters often put up in order to avoid implementing the No Kill Equation programs. With a compassionate and capable leader, all of the above programs can be up and running before the end of 2017.

 You can find more information about the No Kill Equation Programs as well as resources on how to help shelter animals at

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