John-Paul Langbroek - Queensland Minister for Education: Reinstate support for children with disabilities in non state schools

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The decision of the Queensland Education Minister to remove support provided to kids with physical disabilities by the Advisory Teaching Service and the Disability Services Support Unit in non-state schools means these kids no longer have the support they need to maintain their independence and allow them to reach their full potential.

The removal of this support means kids with physical disabilities:-

1. WON’T have access to suitable toilet facilities because there is now no-one to advise schools on what changes need to be made to suit specific needs;
2. WON’T be able to access all parts of their school because there is now no-one to advise on the installation of ramps and other accessibility aids;
3. WON’T have the optimal classroom set up because there is no-one to advise the school on this;
4. WON’T have the self esteem and independence they are entitled to because there will not be anyone to train teachers on how to help them with things like toileting;
5. WILL fall behind in their school work because there is no longer anyone who can advise in relation to assistive technology that helps them keep pace physically with the rest of their class;
6. WILL do worse in tests like NAPLAN because of this. This WILL have an impact on their future schooling;
7. WON’T have a choice of where to be educated because this decision has completely removed support to children in non-state schools. This means parents will have to send their kids to a different school - away from their existing supports and friends as non-government schools will be unable to cater for the needs of children with any physical disability.

How is it that the removal of these essential services can be on the basis that they are not considered “frontline”?

How is it that these services can be removed without notice and at a time when schools are preparing transition plans for next year in conjunction with AVT’s?

How is it that this Government considers the needs of kids in non-state schools not as great as those in state schools?

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