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Demand more research for Fibromyalgia sufferer's

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We are being left painfully disabled and confused, its unacceptable and should be a crime. Fibromyalgia sufferers are being failed and we need the help of other chronic pain warriors and our healthy friends to get loud and demand the research we deserve! We are being dramatically taken advantage of and failed by the medical community who are pushed to feed us high paying antidepressant pharmaceuticals as the only option for our pain. They are ineffective for the vast majority that I've polled. It also leaves many of us in a continued state of pain and desperate for relief but too tired and lethargic to fight for more medicine in fear of being called a "drug seeker".  We are suffering in silence and pain with nobody to speak on our behalf, too weak to speak up alone as we are put into an even deeper brain fog with the meds they give us. We are getting lost in the medical shuffle and we need your support to demand more research. We know what works for pain and the days of us being silenced have got to come to an end. We are made feel shamed when asking for pain management and that time is OVER! We know pain better than most people will ever comprehend pain and we battle through it on a minute to minute basis. I did not ask for my life to change and become filled with painfully stiff mornings, unmanageable days, and uncomfortably painful broken sleep patterns. This happened to us, we didn't ask for it, and we deserve far more research and pain management than we're getting. I'm tired of being pushed to get on "high paying" anti depressants offered by big pharmaceuticals. I'll add that if you're one of the few managing through this pain by using those medications this is a no judgement zone and I will always encourage and support anyone to do what they feel is best for them and their family.

I personally had 3 natural births without medication and postpartum I refused all pain meds that were offered to me. I have a high pain tolerance and as a "hammer and nails kind of girl" I've always been one to "tough it out". Let me tell you, the day I had my first fibromylgia flare was the last day I had those feelings. I was immobilized by the pain and desperate for relief. The pain literally shook me from my head to the bottom of my feet. Without warning I was unable to lift my head off my pillow, I could not lift my hands up and into my jacket while getting ready for the ER visit ahead of me, and all the while was moaning in more intense pain than I had ever felt or imagined. I suffered in pain at the ER for 8 hours until I finally was given the pain relief a Fibromyalgia sufferer deserves. There are some fibromyalgia fighters who have found relief in a combination of fully natural remedies or a mixture of natural and narco pain management. This decision needs to be made on a case by case, doctor and patient basis. The barely effective antidepressant push is not working and doctors are not listening to us! This is why we are so desperate for your help.

We need the help of the healthy community to step up and speak beside us. Please invite your friends and family on this journey with us. Just because I get brain fog, overwhelmed easily, and consumed in debilitating pain, doesn't mean that we should be taken advantage of. We have been lost in the big pharma politics and it should be considered a crime to let us suffer like this. We have the right to enjoy a high quality, limited pain lifestyle. We deserve the right to have access to more effective and custom pain management solutions.  

We are offering a beautiful, small piece of jewelry, as a thank you gift for donations larger than $50.00. 100% of the proceeds are going to our mission. The days of doctors using our illness for patients that they are unable to diagnose are over. With the accurate blood test offered by Epic Genetics (I have no affiliation with) called Fm/a we will begin to weed out those who don't truly have this illness while making it impossible for doctors to misdiagnose people going forward. This blood test is our only hope at progress. For those of us who's insurance will not cover the Fm/a test we have to come up with close to $1000.00 to prove our illness per person. These donations will go directly to support getting us tested one by one. Please help us on "Our Journey" by donating, sharing, and getting the word out about how we are being neglected and taken advantage of. We deserve to live, not just exist.

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