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Stricter penalty rates on animal abusers

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Over 1,000 animals die each year due to harsh treatment, malnourishment, and serious injuries. Thousands more suffer day in and day out because of the ones they hoped would make them feel the safest. Colorado, along with a few other states like Kansas and California, let a lot of these noticeable crimes slip by. State officials do not classify emotional abuse toward domestic animals a crime and only charge those who leave visible marks on an animal with a maximum of five years in prison with a fine determined by the judge after your third offence.

This must change.

Massachusetts has the highest penalty rate with a ten year sentence and up to $100,000 in fines. Colorado needs to follow this example and enforce stricter laws as well as penalize any offender in a manor that is better fit then what is in place now. I myself want top be a police officer in the city of Colorado Springs and would hope that, with your help, by the time I become a K9 officer that these new laws will be put in place.  

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