Stop Animal Testing in Colorado

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There are many cases of animal testing, abuse, and cruel acts, so we are making this petition to raise awareness about animal testing in Colorado. We are students at Castle Rock Middle School, and we are against animal testing in many ways. One reason why animal testing should be illegal is that there are other accurate ways to test. “Cell cultures, human tissue, and computer models can be used to test on instead of animals,” according to Another thing is animals can have very different reactions to products than humans! Many products have been tested on animals, but most of the time, they don’t give the same reaction to humans than they do animals. Testing on animals without their consent is considered abuse. If abusing humans is illegal, then why isn’t animal abuse illegal? One last reason is that many labs give their animals small cages and bad habitats.
Sometimes animals will die or get extremely injured from their bad habitats! We are going to bring this petition to John Hickenlooper, the governor of Colorado. Any signature will help!