Breed specific legislation reform

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Breed specific Legislation is discriminating on these innocent animals! The American Pit Bull Terrier is one of a few different types of" pit bull " dogs that are being euthanized just for being a specific breed in certain cities/counties. I understand the need to address the underlying issue behind  "BSL"  but rather than fixing the problem and seperating responsible pet owners from irresponsible, lazy or even misinformed owners. I feel the laws in place now are sweeping the issue under the rug by sacrificing these beautiful animals everyday. Euthanization of these amazing breeds is so sad and not to mention not fixing anything but rather killing hundreds of innocent dogs. Also making it difficult for responsible owners/Enthusiast to find homes that allow what is just another member of the Family to live . My proposal would be for a reform that would allow Owners/Enthusiast to have the aforementioned breeds to be in all or any city /county with the completion and approval of an array of multiple obedience type classes from certified canine obedience instructors . With a little work this all can be so proactive in stopping the genocide of these animals all while stimulating commerce and educating pet owners thoroughly on how to stop negative interactions, what is approved positive pet behavior, and how to reinforce the positive behavior. I think this has potential to lead the way and  change "BSL" across the country