Bring back Ballroom Throwbacks Tv "Brtbtv" Youtube Channel

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Since before Paris is Burning, the LBGTQ ballroom community has always taking pride in keeping records of our accomplishments. After our written historians, It was Betamax, then VHS, CD’s and now Youtube!
Ceasar Will has been our historian for over 20 years now. He has been very influential in our community by not just keeping the history of LBGTQ ballroom culture, but promoting HIV awareness, providing community support and suicide prevention.
The problem is that Youtube, one of Alphabet INC subsidiaries companies has stolen over 30 years of accomplishments. This has created frustration, anger, fear and confusion amongst our LBGTQ community. Their community guidelines and terms of service are not realistic to today’s culture, not just LBGTQ culture, but everyone in the world. What happen to freedom of speech, freedom of expression!
Ryan Murphy’s show on FX network “POSE” has given everyone in the world an eye opener on ballroom culture , or Viceland network show “My House” which was influenced directly and/or indirectly by going to review our history from Ballroom Throwbacks Tv "Brtbtv". This was the only channel/place worldwide that can give a direct clip from each era of our community, including J Jennings 1990’s Paris is Burning or 1960’s Crystal Labeija!

Last night MTV Awards mentioned historical members of our community. When the world went to google those names, where do you think it would have taken them to watch a clip?

The solution? 

Allow the LBGTQ community 7-14 days to retrieve our history. Allow us to make preparations to retrieve history dating back to 1960’s. Allow each person that was recorded to collect their history, so they may be able to show the next generation. Allow us to gain back what was taken. 


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