Human Trafficking Training for Alabama government officials needs to be written into law

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I am proposing a Bill to be enacted that will require Human Trafficking Training to be written into the Alabama Human Trafficking Law.  Training should be included for all government officials including the FBI, law enforcement, and any other government officials who are directly involved with investigation and intake calls, etc. 

While my case is still pending, so I am unable to release details at this time.  There are currently 38 states who have required training for their government officials.  Alabama is not one of those obviously.  There are loopholes in their current reporting system that I encountered that included being hung up on by a member by the FBI! 

It took over a year for me to even make that call!  I am advocating this bill for myself and other human trafficking victims! 

I also think training starting at middle schools all the way to the college level would be wonderful!