Get Joe Biden to Publicly Endorse Giving Everyone a $2000/month UBI Until Crisis is Over.

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The future of our economy is uncertain and the recovery from the Corona Virus Epidemic will be difficult. Although the CARES Act was able to get $1,200 to taxpayers, millions of people fell through the cracks and still have not received their stimulus check. Many will have to wait until the fall to receive their checks if they are able to receive them at all.

In 2008 our govt. bailed out big banks and corporations that were "too big to fail". This time we call on Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee to support bailing out the people and publicly endorse a Universal Basic Income of at least $2,000 a month for every resident of the United States until the current health epidemic has passed and people are able to return to work. 

This dependable monthly stimulus will help millions of recently unemployed Americans and also enable us to help each other get through this crisis.