Fix Point Cook Road traffic congestion

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"Fix the roads we rely upon everyday!". 

With Point Cook Road often resembling a carpark, our side streets have become unsafe and congested as people desperately try to navigate their way to and from work.

Even on weekends the traffic congestion on Point Cook Road resembles peak hour.

With more freeway exits, lane duplication on surrounding roads and an increasing number of residents flocking to the area, Point Cook Road can't keep up.

With more than 60,000 people living in Point Cook and an anticipated growth rate of 3% per year until 2041, the issue is going to get a lot worse. We need action!

The congestion is also a significant risk to our emergency services that are unable to attend an incident should one occur due to the lack of accessibility.

Instead of blowing the budget on resurfacing the road or planting trees along the curb, let's get serious and divert much needed resources to fixing the problem once and for all.

Our workday is already long enough without having to spend unnecessary time away from our families and friends navigating this road.

Come on Vic Roads, Wyndham and Hobsons Bay City Councils lets collaborate, reduce the congestion, improve our safety and make it a priority because we all deserve better!