Lower AQA A level Biology Paper 1 2018 grade boundaries

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One of the hardest A-level Biology exam was sat by many teenagers like myself across England. A paper which had significantly less factual recall than application has clearly left some in tears whilst some in utter disappointment with many fearing of losing their university place. As pointed by the specification, there is clearly meant to be slightly more factual recall than application. However, this was not the case. A significant proportion of the exam contained too much data and information which led to many students significantly running out of time on other questions. This A-level Biology paper was clearly not in line with previous A-level Biology papers despite being the 2nd paper in the new specification, with some students stating that there was an overwhelming number of broad questions that were too vague and were open to many interpretations.

Many students commented on the alarming number of suggest questions and how despite whatever they write, they feel as though this will still not be credited due to a probable demanding mark scheme that will limit the number of possible answers despite some students who think differently to others whose way of thinking may be equally valid. On top of this, there was too much data analysis for paper 1 and the sheer volume of data presented has clearly caused many teenagers to have even lost some faith in their next A-level exams.

'A-levels are meant to be tough' as said by previous AQA examiners but, for 2 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, for many students, even some of the brightest ones, to not finish the paper, clearly suggests that whatever AQA seem to be doing 'realising potential' is actually the complete opposite, no wonder why teenage mental health issues is on the rise these days. The paper should've been set according to the right level of appropriate difficulty and clearly this was too challenging. A lost generation of potential medics, dentists, vets and other career paths is not what we want.

The odds are stacked up against us with few resources or exam preparation material out there for us to practice in line with the new specification so how can they expect us to do well? Its as if many teenagers are fighting a losing battle against A-levels before they've even sat the exam let alone sit it. Therefore, we need as many students as possible to sign this petition to at least lower the grade boundaries drastically in light of today's atrocious paper, otherwise the government's aims of the new specification will have clearly failed doing harm and injustice to many students. By signing this, you could make the difference for a teenager getting into the university/ aspirations of their dreams and heartbroken teenager who will remember their 6th form/college experience as one of many misfortunes.

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