Remove Restrictions so Everyone Can Attend Their Graduation

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According to the New 2014 Lord Beaverbrook Highschool Policy

This is what we want changed

 Be achieving 50% in all Semester 1 and 2 courses at the time of the posted graduating   

-2014 Lord Beaverbrook Highschool Policy

For students such as myself who have worked hard over the past 3 years this policy is a stab in the back. We work on homework, attend summer school and spend extra hours after school to make a difference in our school community only to be denied the right to attend our own graduation cermony for failing ANY class in our final year. 

This means that even if someone is an honor student they could fail a math 30-1 class( which is not required by Alberta Education to graduate) Still get all their mandatory credits but still be denied the right to walk the stage at their own graduation. 

This policy was meant to help students "Succeed" but all it has done is hurt us. Many people including myself feel added stress to preform and experience self doubt, we do not need this added stress. I am not worried for myself I am worried for the health and the rights of my friends who struggle, sometimes just to get through a day at a time. Not to mention those with mental, physical and social disabilities! The last thing we need is to be denied the recognition we deserve after 12  or more years of hard work.

Our school motto is "Everything to the best of ones ability." Sometimes 49% is the best of someones ability. School pride is not for the few, it is for everyone, Especially on their graduation day!

Please support and Share this so we can ensure equal rights among the 2014 graduates of Lord Beaverbrook Highscool.

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