Bring Live Music Back To WV.

Bring Live Music Back To WV.

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Jeffrey Simmons started this petition to Governor Jim Justice and


Musicians, Bar Owners, Music Venues and by association fans of live music, are being deliberately and unfairly targeted by a corrupt and unapologetic politician, in the form of a Billionaire, in the guise of a caring leader.

Jim Justice and his blundering and ineffectual leadership, have led to the closing of numerous businesses throughout the state. And, no one has been affected as extensively as the entertainment industry.

The musicians of the Mountain State who rely on live performances for their livelihood, as well as the hundreds of bars, restaurants and music venues which can only thrive In the presence of a vibrant and successful local music scene, are being targeted deliberately by the state with restrictions sanctioned specifically against them, with absolutely no provocation.  

Jim Justice, who has proven time and time again that he is concerned only with his and his companies’ bottom dollar, and not the welfare of the people he is supposed to represent, has imposed restrictions unequal to the potential threat posed by COVID-19 at this time.

Restaurants and bars have been permitted to open at 50% capacity yet are not even allowed to have solo acoustic shows without the threat of sanctions and closure by the state. This was witnessed this past weekend at The Bucket in Dunbar, WV, when, despite following proper social distancing guidelines, temperature checks at the door, and the artists playing outside with no dance floor, were still threatened with revocation of their liquor license. And, music specific venues such as the V-Club in Huntington, or 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown have not been able to reopen at all.

This is all in spite of the fact, that no other state sharing a border with West Virginia has such restrictive sanctions imposed

West Virginia’s music restrictions are singular in their bias in the region, despite having resoundingly the lowest percentage of infection prevalence, and deaths out of any of the surrounding states. Associated numbers are listed below.

Maryland- 90,835 cases, 3515 deaths, 6,046,000 population —— 0.08% death

Virginia- 91,782 cases, 2218 deaths,8,536,000 population —— 0.03% population death

Ohio- 93, 031 cases, 3529 deaths,11,690,000 population—— 0.03% population death

Kentucky- 31,966 cases, 759 deaths,4,046,000 population—— 0.02% population death

WV- 6854 cases, 117 deaths,1,792,000 population —— 0.01% population death

For proof of the stance of other nearby states on the music and entertainment industry, please read the accompanying articles linked below.





Whether Jim Justice has a vendetta against the entertainment industry, or is simply too inept to realize the consequences of his actions, remains to be seen. However, these actions are by the design of the same man who switched political parties to suit his needs, still owes as much as 10 million dollars to suppliers, workers and government agencies from as late as 2016, and also owes 200 million in “Mine Reclamation Liability” due to not properly reclaiming surface mines.

This is an injustice that needs to be addressed. This is a war on art In the mountain state, and if it isn’t rectified soon it will be at a cost higher than we should be willing to pay. The death of the small town bar, the extinction of the night out listening to music, performed by those who are passionate enough to pursue it in the face of immeasurable odds, and finally, the ability to begin chasing a dream in one of the most beautiful states in the country with the real prospect of success.

Please spread the word, and sign the petition to bring live music back to the Mountain State.


Jeffrey “Wayne” Simmons

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