Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.

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After months of the global outrage, and after the UN's General Assembly's rejection of Trump's Jerusalem move, today 14th of May 2018 the US has officially moved their embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem emphasizing their statement that claims that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.
The declaration itself is not only humiliating for Arabs and Muslims, but also for humanity and common sense. Not to mention the date chosen for that move, that concide with the catastrophe "Nakba" of Palestine.
This move's consequences will cause serious implications in the area, some of them even started in Gaza, leaving behind at least 58 deaths, with close to 2000 injured Palestinian so far, violating International Law and International Huminatrian Law; representing not only war but acts of terror and systematic genocide, reacreating Nazism. 
This petition is written to declare that Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine despite the US' statement and their embassy's move.