Veto California Senate Bill 277

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Veto California Senate Bill 277

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Less than 200 cases of Measles in a country with a population over 300,000,000 people does not warrant taking away the freedom to make one's own informed decisions regarding health care for themselves and their family.  

There are plenty of families that vaccinate but on a schedule they have determined is best suited for them.  There are plenty of families that choose to vaccinate for childhood diseases like Measles, but opt not to vaccinate for others, such as HPV or Chickenpox.  The irrefutable fact is that vaccines are pharmaceuticals and all pharmaceuticals come with a degree of risk. All vaccines do not carry the same risks but SB 277 would apply a one size fits all approach to every child in California (whether attending public, private, or home school) for every current and future mandated vaccine.  This would deny families the right to evaluate the risk associated with each individual vaccine and make their own informed decisions with their healthcare professional; decisions that are not made lightly nor without much deliberation.

No human being should be FORCED to undergo any medical procedures against their will and/or personal/religious beliefs.

Veto California Senate Bill 277.


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