Please run a species impact statement at the Powerful Owl home before slipway construction

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Gladesville - did you know that you are the home of an threatened species, an apex predator, the largest of all of it's type in Australia. The Powerful Owl.

There are two that have been nesting in the area for years now. Every year they nest, they have babies, the babies fledge (eg, try to fly) and if they fall out of the tree . .they are at risk.

Council has just signed off building a 60 foot slipway/boat ramp, which will bring heavy foot traffic, dogs and parties right on top of it's house (literally, the tree is right there. Next to the spot) in Gladesville.

There is one baby left of the two that hatched last month, and the first was killed by dogs at the site. It's body was found and confirmed by WIRES. That's just now . . before we build a 60 foot slipway and bring a lot of people in there.

They are extremely sensitive to disturbance around the nest site, particularly during pre-laying, laying and downy chick stages. Disturbance during the breeding period may affect breeding success. EG Dont put loads of people, cars, boats and traffic there. 

When there is boats, parties and loads more people these, this will turn this remaining safe habitat into a death zone for the owls. It will also create issues as people will complain about the owl swooping them as he is desperate to save his home and his babies.  People will rise up against the owl. Usual stuff.

So what are we asking? We ask to council to run a "Species Impact Statement".  We have the full support of WIRES to back this and the Bird Society. This is nothing new. 

So, what can you do?

The solution? Can we still have a boat ramp/jetty/slipway/canoe area? Well, there is a perfectly good and very large clear spot down the road near the park (also parking and people areas), several other spots have been put forward by the locals . . just not there, right on the owl.  There is an alternative solution and plenty of them. 

Many people have contacted us since we mentioned it as they  hear the owls in the area, they can be heard by sounds that they make (check the video). Chances are they are flying around your house as they go shopping for prey in the area. 

This is an absolute privilege  to have here. They are endangered, they are rare and they are right here, for now.  They need your help! For safety reasons we cant share the exact location of the owl nest, but it's right here.  Help us to help the owls!