Stop councils taking enforcement on cemeteries in the UK

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The growing demand is there from families all over the UK  should be allowed to grieve their loved ones grave as they choose , (you only have to google cemetery enforcement its shocking. ) With memorilisation that many councils have never enforced or policed in previous years . Kerbing,borders or windchimes and small fences around a loved ones plot are now telling families the councils will enforce the 18inch rule and regulations from the The local Authorities cemetery order 1977 . As you can see its dated 1977 we now live in 2018 we live differently we mourn our loved ones in a different way we used to . We like to have freedom over our loved ones graves space. As long as it doesnt interfere with adjoining plots we should be allowed to have that right and choose how we remember our loved ones 18 inch of the lawn cemetery rule we all are suppose to know just isn't enough space for our loved ones grave . We want to choose to leave flowers or gifts or make them a beautiful place for grandchildren and families to visit their lost family member . Councils call it a tacky Poundland cemetery a mess a disgrace even. We call it a quiet place to visit to spend with loved ones and bring gifts not just on birthdays but everyday . Children spending their pocket money if they can buy a windmill for £1 do they see tacky or do they feel the love they want to leave in place and memory of that loved one . Please sign and show your support in today's world we should be allowed to choose how we visit our loved ones and have freedom of that grave.

For instance Preston city  council held consultation over the rules after a petition of nearly 5000 signatures were handed in. They brought in a focus group that voted in favour of the families to have more freedom than 18inch. They did a survey that came back with figures in favour of more freedom. They decided to uphold the current rules and voted status quo . There's loads of petitions asking for the 18inch rule or lawn rule to be reviewed . The councils are not listening to the families needs there is public demand for it just let's us grieve how we want to that suits both the families and the council in maintenance cost . Not costs or class but a balance that suits all . Not about religions or beliefs  just what it should be. Our right on how we choose to grieve over our loved ones