An apology from Jenny Mikakos to Dr Chris Higgins & for undermining confidence in doctors

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Jenny Mikakos MP, Victorian Health Minister

We the undersigned request you to apologise to Dr Chris Higgins for your remarks that implied that he was irresponsible for his handling of his recent illness. His post to you on your Facebook page is self explanatory to which has not been acknowledged or responded.

We also request that you refrain from any further comments that undermine confidence in the medical profession .  

His post to your Facebook Page reads:

"As the doctor concerned, I have been upset about the inaccuracies and unfairness of your comments. This is not the story that I told the DHSS whose job it is to relay information to you. I had a mild cold when I returned from the USA last Saturday morning which had almost resolved itself by Monday morning, hence my decision to return to work. I hesitated to do a swab because I did not fulfil your criteria for testing but did one anyway on Thursday evening for sake of completeness, not imagining for one moment it would turn out to be positive. I believe you have taken a cheap opportunity for political grandstanding and would appreciate an apology. Chris Higgins"