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Investigate Illinois Lawmakers!

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To Whom it May Concern,
We are writing to you today as alarmed citizens, of the once great state of Illinois. As you are aware, our state has been in a financial crisis, for quite some time, and has been without a budget for three years. We are currently awaiting the house vote on an incredibly unbalanced budget, that proposes a permanent 32% tax increase, with no substantial spending reform. Mike Madigan is the one responsible for the budget proposal, and currently resides in Cook County. I bring this to light, as the constituents of Illinois are more than just Chicago. We are hard working families, farmers, children, teachers, and the elderly. We are more than the Chicago Skyline, Cubs, Lakeshore Drive, and Lake Michigan. We are corn, soy beans, wind energy, corn by products, coal, and oil. We are the State of Illinois, we are contributing to the world with all of the above referenced products, and not just with Caterpillar and State Farm. This budget impacts us in numerous ways, we will go into just a few. Our schools are currently owed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the state. Our doctors and hospitals are currently owed astronomical amounts, for past due Medicaid payments. Entities that get funding from the state of Illinois, have not seen the needed funds to operate properly. The proposed budget does not address ANY of the backlogged bills this state has. The state and local government owes, $203 billion, for retiree's pension, and health insurance. (The Illinois Policy Institute) Illinois is under review by Moodys, as the state has already been downgraded to one level above junk status, after last month's ruling that the state has to properly fund it's Medicaid obligations. ( In 2016 the state of Illinois had 7,499 teachers/administrators, that were collecting $100,000 or more, in pensions. Those 7,499 "highly compensated" school administrator/teachers cost the state $900 million in 2015. ( Illinois $100k+ teacher pensions). With the problem to only continue to worsen, as Illinois is expected to have, 10,000 "highly compensated" school administrators/teachers, in 2017.
Next, we would like talk about Mike Madigan, and his conflict of interest, when it comes to property taxes. Mike Madigan, has been speaker of the house, for all but 2 years since 1983. Madigan has pushed legislators to raise property taxes, while using his business as a tax attorney, to secure $58 million in tax cuts, for well connected Chicago and suburban Cook county property owners, from 2003 to 2013. (Chicago Sun Times) We call Logan County Illinois, home, and as of 2015, 14.2 percent of our county lives below the poverty line. Our median household income in Logan County, as of 2015, was $50,539. Neighboring counties are close to these numbers as well. That said, our property taxes are between $2,000 and $3,000 per household. While Madigan is busy with the taxes, there are other legislators busy with earmarks for projects in their home districts. For instance, Senator Dale Righter, was the only republican senator to vote to approve the $36.5 billion budget. Without his help, this budget would have failed. There is an amendment that was added to the budget at the last minute, that has an earmark of more than $4.8 million, for remodeling projects at Illinois Eastern University, which is in Righter's home district. The spending was in an amendment, which is more than 600 pages long, and appears to contain hundreds of similar projects, totaling at least, in the hundreds of millions of dollars. (Illinois News Network).

In writing this, we are asking for help from our Federal government, as our state government continues to fail the hard working men and women of Illinois. We need transparency, we need reform, we need term limits, we need NO NEW OR INCREASED TAXES, we need to cut back on spending, and frivolous expenditures, and we need an immediate investigation into the malfeasance, and mismanagement of taxpayer funds. We are begging for help, there are many, many, more issues that we the people face, and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss them, at any time. Help us drain our swamp!

Kristen Prudhomme, San Jose IL.

Gina Abner, San Jose IL.

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