Dismiss Ricky Adams Case

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On Thursday March 21st around 3pm Ricky Adams walked into a horrifying scene. He witnessed a 17yr old male molesting a 5yr old boy. The 5 yr old bous pants were down and the 17 yr old had the 5 yr olds private inside his mouth. The 17 yr old immediately pushed the 17yr old boy away and started beating on him. Ricky Adams had a complete  blackout not even thinking about how bad he was beating the 17 yr old up as flash backs begun to haunt him from things in his past as a child. Ontop of the 17yr old being charged with 2 counts or Rape and 2 counts of gross sexual imposition Ricky Adams has been charged with a 2nd Degree Felony off Felonies Assault and faces 2-8yrs in prison. There are laws that allow you to use deadly force when you see a Felony be committed. This was obviously a serious felony being committed and Ricky Adams only used physical force to protect an innocent 5yr old boy. Please support Ricky as he starts his court appearances in hopes that the court will dismiss this case as he was acting appropriately. How would any of us act walking into that situation. A gofund me has been set up to help Ricky obtain private console rather then have a public defender.https://www.gofundme.com/71lwhvc?member=1921978