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Keep the ban on hunting the Big Cats of Zambia.

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Welcome to Zambia: The land of the legendary African walking safari, Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi River, abundant wildlife and raw wilderness, all in one friendly country.

The above quote is from the Zambia Tourism Home page:

Unfortunately, the government of Zambia and the Zambian Tourism and Arts minister, Jean Kapata, do not seem to treasure the abundant wild life in their ‘friendly country'.

The above website has carefully omitted any mention of the fact that the government of Zambia will shortly license the brutal killing of some of the most majestic sentient beings on our ravaged but still beautiful planet -

The magnificent Big Cats : the lions and leopards of Zambia.

These creatures, like us, are sentient beings living in their natural habitat and, as the dominant species on earth, we have a duty to protect them and safeguard their habitat not kill them for sport. Even without the threat of direct hunting the survival of these species are already threatened by human activity.

Man- made climate change making our world hotter, droughts more severe among other effects. These climate extremes are also causing dangerous changes to the landscape of our planet, and they not only effect humans but they add more stress to already severely stressed wildlife species and to their habitat.

Growing human populations threaten the habitat in which these animals live by converting habitat to farmland, destroying it by exploiting natural resources or solely by the natural encroachment of human habitation, towns and cities into formerly wild habitats. Poaching and illegal hunting also contributes to the ongoing depletion of large mammals in Africa.

Given the fragile existence of these precious species, how can we contemplate killing them for trophies, essentially for our own amusement? Put in this way, does it not seem obscene and disgusting ?

The word Empathy means: 'The ability to understand and share the feelings of another'

Please, we beseech you, put yourself in the place of these animals, living free in the wild and in danger from those of our species with a blood lust to butcher those weaker than us.

Let’s be clear – there is no ‘sport’ involved here. The brave hunters we’re talking about will be paying for their kills like so much meat in a butcher’s shop – there is no question of their prey escaping. They will be using high-powered rifles from a distance so they are not even in any danger. So much for the thrill of the chase and pitting your wits against some of Africa’s great predators.

Since Zambia needs more money for their wildlife conservation projects we call on the government and people of Zambia to focus on wildlife tourism and the shooting of animals with cameras not guns.

Please, we call on you to keep the ban on killing big cats in place and earn the gratitude of empathetic and compassionate people worldwide. This will surely increase wildlife tourism to your beautiful country, more than compensating for loss of income from the 'weekend warrior' bent on brutally killing helpless animals.

We close this petition with a quote:

"The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that's the essence of humanity."

George Bernard Shaw



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