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Naomi Clarke is 44 years old and the powers that be would rather see her go to a nursing home full time, leaving behind her husband, dogs and home, rather than assist her to stay at home!

Naomi, who has kyphoscoliosis and spinal cord injury, spent the last thirty 39 years of her life relying on nobody. She was indepedant despite her disability and led a full life including paying tax in her full time jobs. In 2010 Naomi was diagnosed with COPD, which has totally changed her life. Her husband gave up his work as an electronic engineer to become Naomi's full time carer. She relies on oxygen and a VPAP machine to keep her from going into respiratory failure.

Currently DisabilitySA are refusing to fund Naomi's required additional care. In their eyes she is recieving the maximum allowance of hours for care. This sixty hours equates to Naomi safely sleeping seven nights a week. She requires 24/7 one to one support to ensure her safety and health. Her health condition means she becomes dangerously sleepy and oxygen deprived and her life becomes at risk. During the night a VPAP machine forces life saving oxygen into her lungs. Naomi's physical ability alone means she can not put this machine on unassisted, let alone the carbon dioxide poisoning that occurs during sleep, renders her unable to safely maintain her own health and medication.

Naomi's husband Paul is providing support however has had to return to work after caring for Naomi for the past 3 years fulltime being at least FIFTEEN AND A HALF HOURS A DAY care straight without relief or respite.

DisabilitySA are now saying the only option for Naomi is to go into a nursing home full time and/or supported accommodation or stay at home with NO support as this would become her choice....(what sort of choice is that?). She is married and young. But above all else the nursing home costs far more per day and DisabiltySA themselves have admitted that no nursing home or group accommodation is equipped to deal with her level of support!!

If nothing else, and human compassion cannot prevail, then surely money speaks louder. A nursing home is far more costly per day compared to a support worker at $234 per day makes more economic sense. If you can not agree with the inhumanity of splitting up a family, think where you would like your tax dollars spent.

You can help by signing this petition to KEEP NAOMI AT HOME, in the hope that the Government will keep this family together rather than encourage an early death.

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From the team of LOVE.

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