Reopen Washington State Now May 2020

Reopen Washington State Now May 2020

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Darcy Webber started this petition to Governor Jay Inslee and

The drafter of this petition has  over 10 years experience working in the government on prevention and risk assessment of infectious diseases and has a Masters of Public Health in Global Infectious Diseases, is a current medical student, and  is also a small-business owner in Washington.

To the Governor and Senators of Washington State,

While we are thankful for initial actions taken by the State of Washington, we the citizens of Washington, who have elected you to office to govern by the will of the people, respectfully yet strongly request that you lift the strict Stay at Home order as originally planned May 4th, without the current Phase plan, for the following reasons:

-That the current elected officials are making decisions that directly impact its citizens in highly detrimental ways without the current input or consent of the people. 

-That we are citizens of the United States of America, a Republic with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that expressly protects its citizens from governmental tyranny and protects individual freedoms.  That the Declaration of Independence mentions the right not just to life, but the right of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, so that they are all tied together and you cannot have one without the other.

-That individual freedoms come with personal responsibility, and most citizens in America can and will practice safe social distancing and wear masks in public to prevent the spread of Covid-19 if that is what is required. Most citizens are concerned with protecting human life and that of their loved ones, and can do so in a way that does not inhibit economic commerce or individual liberties.

-That the original purpose of the stay at home order was to ensure our medical systems were not overrun and that we build up capacity for ICU beds and ventilators, and this condition has been met. That while we are thankful the government took swift action on this issue, the government is now going beyond that mandate and scope.

-That Covid-19 will be here for a long, undetermined time period, and the economic devastation of keeping business and commerce closed will now have longer lasting effects on life than the small chance of death from Covid-19. That as long as the economy is halted and businesses are forcefully shut down, economists predict the future economic situation will be a crisis of magnitude not seen in U.S. history and will cost more lives later than are saved now. 

-That the ability to have stated “testing capacity” In a country of over 330 million citizens is not currently feasible in the short term and potentially long term, so that testing capacity should not be a reason for infringing on the lives of citizens. 

-That the government officials of a Republic, with protected rights of the citizens, are not elected or mandated to classify what is essential and nonessential business or free market activities.  That the purposeful closing of business beyond common sense indeed violates the right to life and health and wellness. 

-That if the attitude of the government is that all control is justified by saving only one life, then it logically follows we should no longer drive cars, go outside, eat fast food, or perform other behaviors involving the risk of illness and death. 

-That in light of all the reasons listed above, the government officials of the State of Washington are going above and beyond law, the Constitution, and the will of the people who elected them. 

The continued closure of businesses and the economy is causing irreparable harm and damage to Washington State citizens that far outweigh the risks of the current disease. Those who are healthy and at low risk for serious disease should be able to go out and return to work and livelihoods, and those who are vulnerable should continue to be advised to quarantine and limit contact with others. 

The citizens of Washington respectfully request that the state be reopened to business and commerce, and that we are willing to follow rules of social distancing and wearing masks to prevent spread, but we are no longer willing to be forced into future poverty and dependency on a government that has now overreached its original elected purpose. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!