Say NO to Bill 1. A vague bill that will give government leeway to make protests illegal.

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The Critical Infrastructure Defence Act, Bill 1, is going to Royal Assent very soon. This bill is being proposed in efforts to protect “essential infrastructure” from obstruction. The bills definition of essential infrastructure is very vague and broad, and can be “expanded in the future if necessary”  . In other words, this bill is giving leeway to the government to deem what they believe is “essential infrastructure” as they please. This bill will then create offences for just entering said essential infrastructure, with penalties up to 10,000 for first offence. This could very well be just participating in a peaceful protest.   

Due to the public’s focus on reform for the black community and adjusting to daily life and complications brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this bill has been able to almost reach final stages of being processed with barely any contribution from the public. If this bill becomes law, it holds the power to shutdown protests and pose legal ramifications to protesters due to loose definitions of “essential infrastructure.”

Sign this petition to have this bill reviewed once again to create more specific regards towards “essential infrastructure”, and protect the rights of peaceful protestors, as long as  they are not disrupting traffic. This bill tactfully constrains the rights and freedoms of Albertans such as the fundamental freedom to expression and the fundamental freedom to peaceful assembly. Peaceful protesting should never be illegal.