Japanese government scholarships discontinued by Coronavirus?

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As of March 26, 2020, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (the MEXT) announced to continue scholarships as planned for both students who remain abroad destination and return to Japan and take online lectures remotely. Other scholarship organisations will follow the MEXT decision. 

HOWEVER, there are no measures after arriving in Japan, for instance, access to the home without using public transportation and self-isolation supports in hotels and their houses. Most students still need financial supports immediately. (JASSO Scholarship will be transferred in May, so students cannot pay a large amount of money at this time.)

Anyway, thank you for your cooperation! This campaign is still open for requesting supports after arriving in Japan. 


【Schoalrship Imformation】
This is a summary of scholarship information. 

What is the MEXT Tobitate Scholarship and JASSO scholarship?



International students from Japan face a crisis situation due to the suspension of scholarships. 


As of March 16, 2020, the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs raised the risk of getting an infection in  Europe to level 2 alert, and as of March 22, so does the USA. This is because of the outbreak of COVID-19 or commonly known as the Corona Virus. Thus, the MEXT and Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) decided the sudden interruption of scholarships.

Two types of supports are needed:

 1. Continuation of scholarships for students who remain study abroad destinations
 2. Continuation of scholarships for students who return to Japan 

Scholarship is a valuable resource for students to cover living and learning fees and if a serious problem occurs, then it will be very difficult for students to stay abroad. Henceforth, students are encouraged to request to receive scholarships as planned.

Some of the students return to Japan following instructions. They need to book new flights and hotels in Japan for 2 weeks to isolate themselves. These types of emergency circumstances make students live’s difficult financially and it will cost more than as planned. Also, students who started to study abroad this semester need to pay accommodation fees even though they no longer live in the accommodation, according to room contracts. 

Considering this unexpected matter, we request to continue scholarships for both students who remain abroad and those who return to Japan. 

Our current situation:

  • The MEXT and JASSO have suspended current scholarships and cannot estimate when to resume.
  • China, Korea, Europe, Iran, Egypt, and the USA are classified level 2 or higher by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Level 2 means stop unnecessary travel and level 3 is stop any travel.) 
  • Students are not allowed to move due to borders closing, transportation control, etc.
  • High risk of getting infected by the virus if students go to high congested locations such as airports or stations.
  • Students are afraid of being treated as “VIRUS” after returning to Japan.
  • Students need to reserve hotels in order to quarantine themselves for 14 days after arriving in Japan. Besides, returnees are requested not to use public transportation. 

No one could have predicted this pandemic which put so many countries and regions at risk. Due to this outbreak, it is not only the government officials who are at risk, but it is the citizens of those nations who are at risk of losing their jobs. Finally, although vaccinations are under-trial, we cannot be so sure if it will work. Henceforth, we cannot predict or be certain of when this outbreak will cease. 

We strongly hope that not only will scholarships save students who are abroad at this moment, but it will also save those in the future who are looking forward to this opportunity. 



  • On March 23, the MEXT announced to continue the MEXT Tobitate scholarship for students who remain study abroad destinations in April.
  • On March 25, the MEXT accounted to continues the MEXT Tobitate and JASSO scholarship in April and May, for students both remain study abroad destination and return to Japan and keep online lectures. 


**Please DO NOT call and text to the MEXT, Tobitate Scholarship office, and JASSO directly. These calls and emails may interrupt their original works.**


Thank you for all your supports! 


Shuto Takamatsu, the University of Warsaw
Nao Yoshizawa, Grenoble Alpes University
Riho Suzuki, the University of Sheffield

Contact address: poland.gakusei2020@gmail.com