Japanese Government: End participation in US and Israel warmongering!

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Japanese Government: End participation in US and Israel warmongering!

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Chief Cabinet Secretary SUGA Yoshihide 菅義偉 内閣官房長官 and

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We, representing those who hope just peace in Palestine all over the world,  declare the following statement to protest to the recent Japanese Government's decision to participate in workshare for F-35 fighter jet which is to be used by Israel toward Palestinians and other peoples, making a dangerous exception to its decades-long arms exports restrictionsPlease sign the petiton (below the statement) to the persons in charge!

(see also the Palestinian BNC letter to Japanese PM)





Statement: Japan must end participation with US and Israel warmongering!

We are deeply concerned with the recent decision of the Japanese government to make a crucial exception to its decades-long policy of strict arms export control by allowing Japanese companies to contribute to the manufacturing of the US F-35 fighter jet which in turn will be exported to Israel.

Since 1967, Japan has adhered to a commendable policy of prohibition of weapons exports to "countries involved in or likely to be involved in international conflicts" as part of its efforts to promote international peace in conformity with Japanese Constitutional Law which vowed to "renounce war." Therefore, breaking these principles, particularly in the case of Israel, a country implicated in war crimes and crimes against humanity in the course of its oppression of the Palestinian people, marks a dangerous and deplorable shift to Japanese foreign policy.

The F-35 fighter jet will very likely be used by the the Israeli military in its warmongering against Palestinian, Lebanese and other Arab peoples as seen during the recent assault against the besieged Palestinians of Gaza. Furthermore, the F-35 is a key instrument of the failed American war machine that has destabilized the world and decimated lives. Japanese participation in this project will come at a cost of the lives of Palestinians, Afghans and other innocent peoples around the world.

Therefore, we demand that:

1. the Japanese government immediately rescind its decision to participate in the manufacturing for the F-35 fighter jet and make explicit its prohibition of arms export to Israel as a country that wages war;

2. Japanese companies, including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. who is to be the main contractor for the F-35, refuse to participate in this project or be the target of international boycotts for complicity with the Israeli occupation, colonization and apartheid against the Palestinian people.


March, 2013

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