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Janet Coit and Scott Marshall: Resign if you won’t do your job!

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Two public officials, Scott Marshall and Janet Coit, are supposed to protect animals and the environment. They just sold out both to shield corporate factory farm’s interests. Please take action, no matter where you live.  

The people of Rhode Island overwhelmingly support H. 5505, a bill to phase out the horrible practice used by some egg companies of locking hens in cages so small they can’t even spread their wings. Independent science shows that these animals suffer enormously in battery cages. It is also well-known that factory farms that use battery cages produce enormous amounts of concentrated pollution that poisons streams and rivers. In addition, eggs from cage facilities are much more likely to be contaminated with the dangerous bacteria Salmonella.

But Scott Marshall, the Rhode Island state veterinarian, and Janet Coit, the Director of the Department of Environmental Management, are trying sabotage the bill in the state senate. They are doing so to please the biggest egg factory farming corporation in the state, Little Rhody Farms, that wants to be able to continue to lock hens in cages indefinitely.

It is Coit and Marshall’s job to protect the environment and animals. We need to hold public officials accountable who betray our trust. Please sign the letter below demanding they both resign immediately.

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