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Stop Importing Overseas Honey to Australia / Ban neonicotinoids

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call "forest honey" to China. Meanwhile Australia is importing honey that has had no monitoring and that the Chinese themselves refuse to buy because of the contaminants in their environment . To deal with the bad conditions in China often antibiotics are used on their bees powerful antibiotics, not monitored.
Only 5 percent of imported honey is tested. This risks the whole Australian honey industry.
Though we already have foul brood it's very possible different strains and further outbreaks will result from honey imports.
I'm calling a ban on importing honey while Australian bees produce such high quality honey and importing honey risks our honey industry.
Tariffs seem like an obvious direction if a ban can't be accomplished.
Labelling here is an absolute sham. The plastic is Australian owned; the honey is Chinese and brands like Capilano deceive consumers.
They create other honey labels that they actually own to hide what they are doing. This is not simply very confusing but they also heat their honey, making it a nutritionally void.
Buy local. Corruption, lies and how deceiving the consumer can lead to making a few really rich. The 'resurrection' of Capilano honey has set the financial journalists abuzz. Taking the share price from a low of under $3 to over $12 in less than three years is earning the company widespread praise.
What has that meant for the global honey industry and bees?
Ultrafiltration, heating, toxic chemical bee treatments, spreading foul brood, moving hives en masse (contributing to colony collapse disorder), contaminated honey, spreading varroa and increasing pests resistance to antibiotics creating super bugs. It's this profiteering and deceptive conduct that goes unchecked that will be the end of us. Bees are the earths circulation. By bathing in the love organs of our plants they sustain all life. capilanohoney and Woolworths. It's not all about money share price. Your fat pockets are aligned with the stench of greed. Your disgusting conduct should not earn you praise rather condemnation.
"Love over Money. Bees before Greed." Capilano would lead you to believe they are a nice family owned company... This ended years ago. A major shareholder is media mogul Kerry Stokes, who owns Channel Seven.
Capilano chief executive, Ben McKee said the company had been able to source honey from other parts of the world such as China at the expense of rivals like Beechworth.
"Some of our competitors don't have honey and we do. There has been a bit of a hole in the market and we can fill the void... with imported honey," he claims.
Sourcing honey from other markets also enables Capilano to lower its costs.
"Australian honey costs somewhere between $4 to $4.20 per kilogram. It [Capilano] can import honey to [offset] the shortage and some of that is at a lower price point," Cannacord head of industrial research Aaron Muller said.
Incecticides containing neonicotinoids that are currently banned by the European Union for killing billions of Bees are easily available here.
Right now in Melbourne the Department of Economic Development, Jobs and Transport and Resources is injecting this chemical to treat giant scale in several pine plantations, despite knowing they could harm bees in the area.
Only a few beekeepers were notified. The chemical that is being used has been directly linked to Colony Collapse Disorder. It is advised that all hives within a five-kilometer radius of these injected trees be moved to a different location. Beekeepers are concerned for all species of bees in the area, including the blue-banded bee.    Several media outlets have picked up the story.
Areas where bees are under threat are illustrated in the map above (provided by 
"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” Albert Einstein
At present Woolworths is selling Confidor that contains neonicotinoids which are similar to the insecticide that is being injected into Victorian pine trees.
We as a country are not protected from certain Bayer products. We want to remain a country without colony collapse disorder and the varroa mite.
I was impressed how the Australian Government bowed to the pressure of the people and banned the super trawler. I believe that the love and importance of bees is such, that we can have the same effect here.
Please sign this petition for the banning of neonicotinoids in Australia.
Presently Jamie Oliver has partnered with Woolworths. I think he is a key to compelling Woolworths to stop stocking Confidor.
The message that we receive from Jamie Oliver and all of pursuits is that we can all live a healthy lifestyle. We cannot do that without a healthy bee population.
Jamie Oliver has made great progress in the food industry (the chickens for example) and we believe that if he speaks out for the bees, he could galvanize the world in their attitudes towards bee conservation. Please contact him via his website or on Facebook/Instagram. Please request that Jamie Oliver helps save our Bees.
You can contact phone number (0061) 6210499 and tell them to ban neonicotinoids immediately.
Write to Bayer to ask them to withdraw their bee-killing products. Write to the Tony Abbott PM requesting a ban on neonicotinoids.
Email and tell them to stop injecting insecticides in Melbourne metropolitan area.
Write to Woolworths and tell them to ban neonicotinoids. As consumers please use alternatives to neonicotinoids.
Thank you, Simon Mulvany - Save the Bees Australia -

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