The Passing of Zoe's law for all those touched who are left voiceless

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I was contacted by my cousin in law who has pleaded with me to help her with a huge injustice that has been overlooked for far too long..Zoe's law!! She feels she is not strong enough in her voice & does not know where to start she has come to me for help.
Her daughter and grandson were victims at Inverell in northern Nsw on the 8th of march 2020 & are going through the court process for the tragedy surrounding Katie Gleeson & Xaviers death by a person who was driving unlicensed and unregistered.
There are so many other grieving families going through this that feel so helpless and voiceless & their stories dont get seen, Katies like many others make headline news but as always time passes & they become just another number but the families are left broken & damaged feeling hidden away. 

Words from Dianne Marlow (Mother of Katie Gleeson & grandmother of unborn Xavier) 
It Breaks my heart that so many are getting away with killing unborn babies with car accidents the law needs be changed and I believe that people need get together on this
My grandson was one that was killed and because he died within his mum before being delivered the person responsible will get away with his death it's not fair, it's not fair to my beautiful daughter Katie Gleeson who lost her life to this girl , but lost her son's as well Xavier it's not fair to us her little girl Summer left behind who will never be able to hold her mum or baby brother ever again and her family her brothers and sister her grandparents her nieces and nephew her father and me , who loved them and always will but also not fair to a father Tyron Roberts who never got to meet or hold his his baby boy and to all those that loved them and it's not fair to all the other families that have lost a unborn child due to a car accident of being hit by a car it's just not fair as the hurt is just the same and the pain doesn't go away.
The Law needs to be changed and justice should be served to these people. 
We are fighting so hard to have Xaviers death be taken seriously but the law states due to him not being born the person that took his life can only be charged with my daughter's me this is wrong and there is no justice for my little grandson. Please share this post as we need the laws in all our state's to change.