George Floyd Case Death Penalty WE NEED JUSTICE

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"You got him down can you let him breathe, at least man?"

 "I can't breathe!" "Please, please, please? I can't breathe!"......"His nose is bleeding. Look at his nose!" "My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Please?! please? I can't breathe officer." "Please, your knee's in my neck." "Mama! Mama? Mama?" As unbelievable as this sounds, these are the screams and pleas of a grown man. Subjected as low as to beg and cry for his mother, he asks for his mother to rescue him from being pinned down and suffocated by police. Job termination is not enough, and a conviction will not suffice. Intentionally life was extracted from George Floyd's body, just like many others. It is time for America to substantiate its' claims to care for the people and taking action will lessen these occurrences. My claims may be extreme but, no more than a homicide via knee to the back of the neck. Extreme situations sometimes need equally extreme solutions.

            Police officers are in a position of authority which, comes with great responsibility. Idolized as heroes by some, but as menaces to others. It depends on our status, level of importance, and the value of our lives. This country ratifies that some lives do not matter as much as others. Police misusing their authority are not often subject to the harsher sides of the judicial system like civilians are, because they get an exemption. Losing your job and being convicted is not substantial repercussion for intentionally depriving a life. Officer knee in the back of the head and neck region, to ensure his victim is dead is unbelievable. Why are you working so hard to inflict death? Consider the person you pursue as an officer as your suspect, not your enemy or your victim. The treatment George Floyd received was that of an enemy or more of that you would not wish on an enemy even. An arrest cannot equal a cure to sickness like such. A person like this is a menace to society. Holding them and later freeing them is risking a lot more people than helping.

            The American constitution, in its' essence, is about all American citizens, some think. Shamefully, some others have reason to disagree. America has claimed to care about every American equally for a long time. This country does a great job granting opportunities and chances for betterment to all.  America has great diversity and a mix of people from all cultures and lifestyles, all striving for goals beautifully. Yet, America has an alarmingly ascending amount of police brutality cases against people of color as well. America may be a dream to some, but a nightmare to others forced to fear the ones in place to protect us and make us feel safe. As cliché as it may sound, black lives do not seem to matter still. It is time America does more to prove and stand by all claims of justice, freedom, and righteousness. Allowing officers to live their lives after such heinous events is injustice. Injustice is starting to become the new face of America, along with racism. Right now, some parents are teaching their children about things to do in life as an adult to be successful. Others are having to teach our children how to survive successfully to become an adult.

            Mentioning the death penalty leaves a bad taste in the mouth of some. I advocate for peace, but peace is often only made after something unpeaceful occurs first. I know the state of Minnesota has outlawed capital punishment, but if any case were worthy of reinstating it, it would have to be this one. Police need to take accountability as civilians do. The death penalty gets issued in more of these cases, and they would occur less. We need a country where all citizens are equally safe from harm by authorities. Every time police have an intention to harm a minority they would stop and subconsciously think of the possible consequence, thus lessening police brutality.

            Concluding this petition, more African Americans cannot be the victim of cold-blooded murder in the state of Minnesota at the hands of Police Officers. Arresting and jailing officers only solves the case but is not progress towards solving the problem. If all lives are equal and the power is to the people, the people need support. The death penalty, in this case, should serve as a reference to trigger happy cops. We are tired of marching the streets as much as you are tired of us doing it. We are tired of kneeling instead of feeling secure in standing for our country. We are more tired of feeling our country does not stand for or with us. We are tired of having to sign petitions for changes that should not need to be requested. We are tired of fighting for rights others already have. Most of all, we are tired of begging to breathe.