Save our animals, let's ban plastic bags in New Zealand

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Currently, one New Zealander uses an estimated average of 6.75 bags a week. That's 351 bags a year per New Zealander. This is enough plastic to carpet a double garage 1.6 times. New Zealanders only use plastic bags for a minimal 10-15 minutes, whereas it takes up to 1000 years for a plastic bag to decompose in a landfill. 

Countries such as China, Italy, France and The Netherlands have already made a stop to the use of plastic bags. New Zealand currently has no law that bans plastic bags. 

This law legalising plastic bags must be changed due to the overuse of plastic in our country. This is an issue because plastic waste is one of the many types of waste that takes an incredibly long time to decompose (up to 1000 years to be exact). This is a big issue when it comes to New Zealand as we are known for being clean and environmentally friendly. However, the large amount of plastic used in our country indicates that our country will not always hold this positive reputation. Plastic bags are not only bad for the land but also for the wildlife. 

By getting rid of plastic, our environment will become cleaner and our animals will have a higher chance of survival.

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