Save Thatcher woods deer

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The River Forest government has had many complaints about deer entering citizens yards and eating their shrubbery. Their answer to this was to try to hire sharpshooters to depopulate. 

There has never been hunting allowed this time of year in Illinois, let alone in our beloved Thather woods. Hunting has never been allowed in cook county. This wouldn’t be hunting it would be a culling. This is the time of year that doe have fawns to care for, and many people walk the trails to see them. Hunting is studied and regulated so things like this don’t happen. 

Due to the change in our climate, we have seen more rain than ever before. Thatcher woods has been flooded worse than it’s ever been. The flood waters are making the deer’s habitat smaller and even encroaching on the town. When they leave to seek food, it is not because they want to, it’s because they have to. The flood waters are taking away their food and they have to look elsewhere. 

I can understand the frustration of the people affected negatively by the deer, but they could easily buy deer repellent for their yards. There is no need to senseless kill our wildlife because of some people’s landscaping.