Ban Horse Racing in Illinois

Ban Horse Racing in Illinois

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Aryana Thompson started this petition to Senator Richard J. Durbin and

In just one year, 2018, and one state, Illinois, 31 horses died on racetracks. Across the entire United States in 2018, upwards of 1,000 horses died on tracks. These premature and painful deaths are completely unnecessary. Racehorses pay with their lives for our entertainment. It needs to be banned because the regulations to improve the treatment and lives of horses are barely followed or enforced, rendering them almost completely ineffective.

Greyhound racing has been banned in more than 40 states in the United States. It’s time horse racing is also banned. Both are cruel, and both result in the unnecessary deaths of animals. 

Horses are euthanized for as little as a sprained or broken ankle. How can we justify taking their lives? Instead of placing bets on horses, one can just go to the casino and not contribute to animal cruelty. Aren’t horses lives worth more than that $3 bet at the track? Fancy day at the track? It’s not so glamorous for the horses. Injuries are rampant in the industry which results in tons of deaths. 

Help Illinois become a more humane state by signing the petition to ban horse racing in Illinois. Don’t support this animal cruelty any longer!

Below is a full list of all the horses that died racing in Illinois in 2018. Remember that these are individuals that just wanted to live- they wanted to live a life in a field and not a stall or on the track. 

“Through a FOIA request to the Illinois Racing Board, HorseRacingWrongs confirmed the following kills on Illinois’ tracks in 2018. 

Ready Poncho, March 24, Hawthorne T
“collapsed dead on track…exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”

Nite Goggles, April 7, Hawthorne T
“fractured humerus…euthanized on track”

Act of Heroism, April 19, Hawthorne R
“open fetlock…ambulance to the designated area…euthanized”

Lost Creek, May 19, Arlington T
“fractured tibia…euthanized on track”

Bank Account, June 12, Fairmount R
“fracture fetlock apparatus – ligaments torn”

Big O’s Tavern, June 15, Arlington R
“comminuted sesamoid fracture, mid-body lateral fracture, and complete rupture of [ligaments]…ambulance to the designated area…euthanized”

Sully’s Dream, July 7, Arlington R (euthanized July 12)
“complete basilar fracture of sesamoid”

Ask Alex, July 20, Arlington T
“comminuted P1 fractures”

Larry Rocks, July 20, Arlington R
“femur fracture…ambulance to designated area…euthanized”

Star Quest, July 22, Arlington R (found dead next morning after being “vanned off”)
“suspect pelvic fractures and hemorrhage”

Intrepid Humor, July 28, Arlington T
“fracture with lacerated femoral artery”

Half Ready, August 4, Arlington T
“broke down breezing; suspensory apparatus failure of previous surgery with screws”

Giant Breeze, August 5, Arlington R
“after racing the horse became recumbent…they got the horse up…it went down and never got up again…severe heat stroke…euthanized”

Get Mad Gracie, August 11, Fairmount R
“fractured ankle – shattered”

Triple Dog Dare, August 13, Arlington T
“spiral comminuted MCIII fracture”

First Attempt, August 26, Arlington T
“compound fracture MCIII, sesamoid fracture, ruptured collateral ligaments”

Ava Atticus, September 2, Arlington R (euthanized September 4)
“fracture radial carpal bone”

Hurricane Hank, September 13, Arlington R
“multiple carpal fractures…taken to the designated area…euthanized”

G P’s Girl, September 20, Arlington R
“collapsed on track…horse was in agonal breathing and the mucus membranes were white…stopped breathing within seconds of arrival” (five years old)

Altai, September 23, Arlington T
“bilateral sesamoid fractures…taken to the designated area…euthanized”

Matthew’s Thunder, October 5, Hawthorne R
“comminuted fractures of the sesamoids…suspensory ligament ruptured”

Vic the Boss, October 20, Hawthorne R
“[multiple] comminuted fractures…ambulanced to designated area…euthanized”

Semper Frey, October 21, Hawthorne T
“horse went down and was dead before [vet] got to the horse”

Twin Deuce, October 24, Hawthorne R
“open fetlock complex…euthanized on track” (chart said absolutely nothing)

Kate’s Cat, October 26, Hawthorne R
“comminuted fracture and luxation of the joint…euthanized on track” (chart merely said, “fell, vanned off”)

Del Mar Bert, October 31, Hawthorne T
“compound comminuted fracture of cannon”

Whats Up Hero, November 21, Hawthorne T
“mid-shaft compound fracture”

Thurman, November 24, Hawthorne R
“complete rupture of [multiple] ligaments and subluxation of the fetlock joint…ambulance to the designated area…euthanized”

Sailor Brodee, December 7, Hawthorne R
“comminuted sesamoid fractures…ambulance to the designated area…euthanized”

She Is Fuzzy, December 16, Hawthorne T
“fractured tibia”

Legendary Vision, December 22, Hawthorne R
“open sesamoid fractures and complete rupture of [ligaments] with disarticulation of the fetlock joint”



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