Allow all Ithaca College Juniors to live off campus if they choose

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Ithaca College must listen to the student, families and community they are affecting with their denial of off-campus housing to rising juniors. Ithaca College is so greedy and try to profit off their students/families wherever they can. A lot of students have already signed leases, legal documents but they cannot afford the on-campus option either way.

-Ithaca College profits immensely by having more students that live on campus. They do not want to have empty living spaces but are charging MORE money than the off-campus alternative. On-campus housing offers sub-optimal living conditions when compared to off-campus houses.

-400 students were accepted to live off campus last year. Only 238 were accepted this year. 51% is a strategic number to show that they have accepted a "majority" of their students. Our class should not be punished for the lack of ability by the school to recruit incoming students.

-The schools philosophy of living on-campus is that "more learning happens in the residence halls." This ism a complete cop out instead of actually accommodating the student population.

-On-campus students are forced to have meal plans which the price has been increased due to the change in suppliers. And the food has only gotten worse in my opinion.