It's time for policy changes at CDI College, as well as retraining and rehiring staff

It's time for policy changes at CDI College, as well as retraining and rehiring staff

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Why this petition matters

Started by Cheryl Watson

This petition is intended to lead CDI college to admit its mistakes and change its system or refund students who have received a substandard education from the school in addition to being mistreated by its employees.
CDI College has been the subject of several news articles and lawsuits after being bombarded with complaints. Despite tuition fees and all that CDI claims to offer, students do not receive a proper education. Furthermore, the college has a history of disorganization, unprofessional behavior by faculty and student services, and automated threats of expulsion whenever they fail to do basic tasks including checking attendance records or delivering courses on time. 
There have been countless student complaints pertaining to CDI college that concern current and past students on several forums and complaint boards such as BBB. Many speak of the school's unprofessionalism, lack of proper education, and psychological issues that were caused by CDI college. Numerous graduates report that their education in Canada is not recognized by employers, as some companies will not hire them due to their lack of training and education. Despite the school's formerly promising future employment opportunities, many students are left disappointed each year. This is primarily due to the inadequate method of teaching courses to students who are often left confused and forced to learn on their own. Hence, a group of nursing students filed a class action suit against Eminata Group's CDI college for failing to provide them with proper education and ultimately won a legal settlement. 
CDI students have also mentioned their experiences with educators and other employees at their respective CDI college campuses who showed highly unprofessional mannerisms and instances of racism. After a student from Brampton discussed how his anti-Sikh remarks had been dismissed by CDI as 'historical fact', a CBC news article revealed CDI's actions against him. Students who have taken to forums and reviews to share their experience at one of CDI's campuses have mentioned educators who have unfairly attacked people of different races. In November 2020, CDI College was identified as one of ten private colleges under investigation for questionable recruitment practices aimed at Indian students. Since the recruitment practices of international students at ten institutions were proven to be dubious, the government of Quebec had to implement new policies in late 2020 that suspended international applications at those institutions.
After reviewing information shared by past students on various forums as well as reading several news articles regarding CDI, we are certain that the behaviour expressed by one verified student has been consistent with other CDI students as well. In the course orientation, students were informed that in-class instruction would be provided by teachers, as well as clinical practical lessons taught by instructors who have completed the program with CDI. In reality, during in-class instruction students were forced to watch slideshows and told if they wanted answers, they would have to read the textbook. Students couldn't ask questions because there was no instruction. The students were told to expect books and supplies as part of their loan package during orientation. Books and supplies, however, were required to be purchased out of pocket by the students. The supplies needed to be purchased from third party vendors, where students would not be able to continue instruction unless they purchased it themselves. Moreover, the students had been repeatedly misled throughout the process, they felt disheartened about the program, and at no time did they ever feel that the instructors or staff were on their side.
There were complaints from the students that the college only wanted their money and did everything they could to cause students to drop out or get kicked out in order to gain even more money in the form of application fees or having the same student re-enroll with a hefty fee and repeat a course that they should have passed despite the lack of consistency in the curriculum, or the lack of teaching at all. Students were essentially self-teaching. Several of CDI’s students were also hindered by the late policy, especially when there were traffic accidents or delays in public transportation. Also, if a student arrives even a second late to a test, the school will not let them take the test, even if they have a good reason for being late. To take an exam or midterm, the student must take all the tests that made up the module, even if there were more than 12 tests in total.
Several students felt that they were scammed out of their money, and these students are aware that they are not alone in feeling this way. One student shared her experience of being told repeatedly that they should just quit the college and go somewhere else by an administrator employed by CDI college. Consequently, the student suffered from severe depression and anxiety disorders. This is just one of many occurrences typical of CDI college which has been implicated in several cases involving students who have been subject to unfair treatment, unprofessionalism, psychological abuse and bullying by the college's employees. This petition is for those who believe CDI college should be made to change its ways as its current way of handling students is a shame for our educational system. As a result, several CDI students have come forward about CDI's unprofessional employees and attitude towards students, revealing that they were treated unfairly by their instructors.  
Please sign this petition if you have experienced this as a former or current student and would like CDI College to change its policies!
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