Duluth school district: Bring back Huck Finn, and TKAM now.

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Recently, two books which have been a staple of education were pulled from the curriculum in our schools, left to languish, unread in a dark corner of our library. To say that this is a tragedy is somewhat of an understatement, and what makes this even worse is the outcry from staff and students alike being callously ignored. This brings me to my humble request: place these books which are oh so important back into our classrooms, where we all know they belong. We're not asking for any public apology, any dramatic rescinding of the rules you've set in place, but rather we ask you to simply give the future generations of students at our high schools the education they deserve. Because attempting to erase our history, no matter how uncomfortable, does nothing but condemn us to repeat it. These two books are not only of massive cultural importance, but the lessons they speak are lessons that need to be taught, but a teacher's voice sometimes cannot convey them; therefore stories from the time these issues were more prevalent are needed. These books not only speak of the horrors of racism, but also less prevalent issues, such as the prejudice in our courts, the public's willingness to seemingly ignore the importance of the presumption of innocence in all cases, including sexual assault, along with a slew of others. Always remember: It's a sin to kill a mockingbird, for while you may not care for it's song, so many more may need to hear it.

Thank you for your time, Nathan Warner, EHS, Class of 2018

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