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Irving and Dallas City Councils: Stop the drilling and processing of natural gas next to North Hills Prep.

A new gas drilling permit could allow up to 20 gas wells including storage tanks, pipelines, and other facilities to operate for 20 years or more on the field just across the Trinity River from North Hills Prep. These wells could allow over 75-100 tons of pollutants into the air annually. North Hills Prep is North-West of the drilling facilities, and is down wind. The pollutants and toxins released from these wells WILL affect North Hills and the residences surrounding it. Toxins released this way can and have caused Leukemia, severe Asthma, rashes, headaches, nosebleeds, and more. They have affected populations FURTHER from wells drilled this way than North Hills is. Last year, the City Plan Commission voted 7-5 against this permit. The gas company and City Hall were not pleased with this result and are now engineering a second "do-over" vote. Only a strong showing of concerned parents and citizens can stop this rollback of a victory we've already won.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Mayor of Dallas
    Mike Rawlings
  • Delia Jasso
  • Pauline Medrano
  • Linda Koop
  • Monica Alonzo
  • Dwaine Caraway
  • Sandy Greyson
  • Ann Margolin
  • Sheffield Kadane
  • Texas State House
  • Angela Hunt
  • Scott Griggs
  • Mayor of Irving
    Beth Van Duyne
  • Deputy Mayor Pro Tem / Irving City Council Member, Place 8
    Thomas D. Spink
  • State Senator
    John J. Carona
  • Carolyn Davis
  • Vonciel Hill
  • Irving City Council Member, Place 5
    Rose Cannaday
  • Mayor Pro Tem / Irving City Council Member, Place 7
    Gerald Farris
  • Jerry Allen
  • Tennell Atkins
  • Texas State Senate

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