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Investigation should proceed against P. Chidambaram in 2G spectrum allocation scam

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The Supreme Court of India on 24th Aug, 2012, has pronounced a judgment that exempts the current Finance Minister of India, P. Chidambaram, from investigations in the 2G spectrum allocation scam. This is out-rightly a bad judgment for the following reasons:

1) An earlier judgment by the SC has canceled all the 122 licenses granted by the government and ordered a fresh allocation, proving that there has been major loss to the exchequer.

2) The Prime Minister of India, in the Parliament, himself has conceded that the decision to allocate 2G spectrum was a joint decision by the then Telecom Minister A. Raja and the then Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. This has been observed by the courts as well. A. Raja was arrested and tried, but P. Chidambaram is not even being investigated.

3) The court, while pronouncing this judgment, has reportedly said that a mere meeting between the then Telecom Minister A. Raja and the then Finance Minister P. Chidambaram. does not establishes the criminal intent of the latter. The court is grossly wrong in its observation for the aforementioned points 1 and 2 above.

4) The judgment is also wrong for the very basic fact that since it is established that a major loss has occurred and that the decision, as per an earlier cabinet decision by the NDA government, has to be made jointly by the Telecom and Finance Ministry on how the 2G spectrum will be allocated, how can only the then Telecom Minister be liable to be investigated?

5) The SC has also overlooked the fact that according to Section-13 (1) (d) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, the complainant has only to show that a loss has occurred under the watch or the involvement of the defendant, for the investigation to begin against him/her.

6) The SC has observed in its judgment that there was no "prima facie" material available to say that Chidambaram got any pecuniary benefit nor was there any material on record to prove that he, as the then Finance Minister, abused his official position. The logical question then arises is that who then is responsible for the humongous loss to the nation? Only the Telecom Minister? This cannot be true because of the facts established as mentioned in the points above. Finally, how come the SC arrived on the conclusion that Chidambaram has not done anything wrong without first ordering a fair investigation?

Considering these points, we strongly feel that justice has not been served, and the nation is feeling cheated.

Please sign and promote this petition to show our disapproval of this gross misjudgment. We, the people, must rise to save our motherland!


Here is a copy of the judgement by the Supreme Court:


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