Introduction of sex education and moral awareness programs to the Indian education system.

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  • In India, where rapes are at their peak, to spread awareness becomes necessary. However Indian schools still lack sex education and proper school level programs for inculcating moral values among the youth.
  • In most of the rape cases that shook the country, it was found that minors, or teenagers were among the culprits. This is because at that age at which the body is heavily flowing with hormones and the mind with questions, we provide them with no answers. This sexually deprived age finds a way to find answers to their questions but in the worst way possible. They are taught vulgar things by their negative minded colleagues / seniors without any regard or mention about a woman's safety or respect, treating them just as objects for sex. The fact that minors are involved in such cases, is not only a disappointment for how the next generation is coming up; but puts forth a big question on our education system and the society.
  • The education system should take the burden of satisfying the youth's curiosity so that they can actually understand what's right and what's wrong and receive the right information in a healthy way.
  • Even if minors are not directly related to the case, and only adults were involved, a big question mark is put on their upbringing. And the education system obviously plays the biggest part in any person's upbringing. Therefore, the education system needs to take their responsibility and teach people about sex in the RIGHT way.
  • These programs are necessary in order to reduce rapes and teach youngsters about sex, a woman's personal space, and morality.
  • India is the world's second most populated country, yet talking about sex is considered taboo. If you won't teach your kids about sex, they'll find other ways to satisfy their curiosity. You can shut their questions but you can't remove their curiosity. When they go to an unreliable person to quench their curiosity, they might receive rather wrong information which might lead to them taking a wrong path. All of this can be avoided if teenagers and kids are taught about sex in the right way by schools and other institutions instead of other people who themselves were misinformed. Schools and teachers should be instructed to take sex education seriously and teach it in a healthy manner. Introducing sex education will also help in removing the status of taboo from sex.
  • Rapes won't stop if we make our daughters wear long clothes or advice them to come home early, rapes will only stop when we teach our boys morality.
  • If we were to go by the data published by WHO, sex education should be imparted to children who are 12 years and above. It has also been seen that it is the age group of 12 to 19 years that counts for some 34% of the HIV infected persons in the world. Despite the availability of such data, schools in India are still giving a deaf ear to the urge.
  • The much prevalent silence over the topic of sex education is leading to the young generation seeking information from misinformed sources that attracts them to the darker side of what could be an important knowledge in their growing days.
  • Not just rapes, sex education will also help with controlling the population. We share this country with 144 crore people and I believe that all of us are well aware with the pressing that is overpopulation. Spreading awareness about contraceptives with sex education will definitely help control the population.
  • Another big advantage of sex education in India is that it will help the country fight the rising spread of AIDS. According to statistics released by the Government, it is seen that 31% of the AIDS cases reported comes under the age group of 15 to 29 which itself shows how risk prone are young Indians.
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