Please help to get Electronic Sexual Slavery acknowledged, identified and named.

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Please help to get Electronic Sexual Slavery acknowledged, identified and named.

Once an official recognition, acknowledgement, definition of this crime is granted by international oversight bodies such as the ICC and UN, our local and national oversight bodies will then be forced to listen and protect us and prosecute offenders – so this crime can stop.


Official Definition of Electronic Rape / Sexual Slavery

Electronic Rape (Forced, non-consensual, vaginal penetration/violation), utilizing Electronic Waves from Electronic Weapons, aided by Artificial Intelligence – “Body Mapping Technologies”. 


Electronic rape is a part of the targeted Individual program - this type of rape occurs in every situation in life - at work, at home, at the supermarket, everywhere and anywhere. It prevents the victims from participating in life - period. It is physically agonizingly painful and psychologically traumatizing.

It allows everywhere to become a "breaking ground" for its victims:

A Breaking Ground is a reference to a place physically and psychologically that a person is taken and abused (raped, tortured, demeaned, degraded) until they are no longer a person – until the person is literally raped out of the body – the soul is shattered – the spirit is splintered – the person leaves – BROKEN – leaving behind a body without a person inside – a body that anything can be done to without resistance from the person that is no longer within the body.

Rape does that. It splinters and shatters the soul, the individual, the spirit – the person.

When an enemy has a desire to remove the person (spirit of a person) they so despise – the person that despises and fights and resists them – they try to get that person to a Breaking Ground. With Targeted Energy Rape, everywhere can be and is made into a Breaking Ground and this is the point.

Please help me bring attention to this crime. Victims cannot speak about it openly or get any kind of help without fear of being involuntarily confined - unless it is acknowledged by International oversight authorities and our own governments.

Please join me in exposing this crime and having it acknowledged. Thank you.