Justice for the father son duo murdered by Sathankulam police

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59-year-old father and his 31-year-old son belonging to Sathankulam were allegedly killed in police custody. Kin of the deceased and the traders have suspected police torture for the death of the duo and protested seeking severe punishment against 13 police personnel.

This petition has been addressed to the International Human rights court & other courts of justice because State Government has not stipulated any action but transferred those responsible to another locality.We are not ready to be deceived by handing this over to this irresponsible government who offers solatium to the deceased and not justice.Can I do a murder and go scott free?How can these police then??Is not the law same for all??WAKE UP PEOPLE

This has happened to innocent citizens who had been sloughing out their livelihood and murdered  with  false acussations because they did not offer any bribe that the police had demanded a month back,we don't want this to happen to any citizen ,these citizens were denied the basic fundamental medical rights while being held in custody and they were beaten & lathi charged till they were soaked in blood without  humanity and even the doctors have given a clean chit saying they were fit under the compulsion of the police.Who has given them all they authority to kill common people instead guiding them to safety! Tomorrow it could be your dad or brother ,when we least expect it could be one among us.Therefore provide your signature and support and hang these barbarians before the law