Stop rejecting Insurance claim due to hidden clauses after policy is issued

Stop rejecting Insurance claim due to hidden clauses after policy is issued

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There have been many incidents in recent times where term insurance or health insurance claims have been rejected by the insurance company by stating that information about health was given wrongly while taking insurance policy. They rejected claims mentioning history of medical was not revealed.

Following are the examples of claim rejection:

Ideally all required checks should be done by the insurance company before issuing the policy, it is their responsibility to take required medical tests and do all the validations before issuing policy.

After policy is issued and premium paid for so many years, when we claims for the amount for the emergency (health or death) of the policy holder, insurance companies try to find all possible reasons for rejecting the claim. If they are capable of finding reason for rejecting after claim is raised, why can't they reject the policy at first place by doing all possible validations.

Emergencies in the family can cause many problems to the family members and if their claims are rejected it adds more stress and it also breaks the trust and faith. Economical burden will have harmful impact on the family and their future.

Before taking the policy, insurance companies advertise about the importance of having insurance and make us feel relaxed for dealing emergencies but when we actually need support while we encounter emergency, they try to reject claims which is very harmful.

This petition is to make changes to the insurance policy clauses:

Insurance companies should do all required validation of the information required about policy applicant before issuing policy and only issue policy when they meet the validation criteria.

After policy is issued, claims should not be rejected with the reason that medical history or information was not provided correctly.