Normalise Breastfeeding

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We NEED your help to normalise breastfeeding!!!

Recently tiktok removed a video from @a_mothers_tale for violating their community guidelines.

It was a video which showed ladies how to discreetly breastfeed their babies (if they felt shy about feeding in public! *Please Note* we don't believe any woman should ever feel pressured to cover themselves!).

Nothing was shown in the video, it was as described: discreet! And yet it was removed as if an indecent act had been performed!

But if you look around there are posts as far as the eye can see far more exposing of women that are regarded as perfectly acceptable! Because a sexulised body is more acceptable than a maternal one in our society! 

It's happening constantly on social media - mothers everywhere are having their pictures of precious innocent moments deleted and then they are being issued with bans! 

Well now we are saying ENOUGH!!!

New mothers deserve to feel supported and have access to help and information when they need it. After all we are constantly told by health providers that 'breast is best' and yet we are still being shunned in public for the act itself.

Has the world forgotten what the purpose of a women's breasts are? 

Why has it vilified such a beautiful and caring act? 

If you agree I urge you to sign this petition, speak up and support us! We are stronger when we all band together and we need to make the people who are in charge of implementing these rules hear us!!

We need to make this change!!! Women should be allowed to feed their children whatever way they choose without fear of shame or judgment!


Thank you!