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Dear @instagram / @Facebook

Please Bring Back chronological Order

your new Algorithm sucks❣️With all due respect.

Personal story:

I remember when I first started my first Instagram account in the early months of 2012 (Because I was an Android user)which was this one. I was soooo excited to be able to connect through pictures and ➡️# with vegans and animal rights activists across the entire world. Together we saved animals with time sensitive information. I was also very Excited to connect with my relatives from other countries too.
I loved how I would be able to see everyone’s posts in chronological order. I wouldn’t miss anyone’s posts. Everything was recent. I felt as though I was part of the community I choose to follow. (Instagram changed Algorithm in April 2016) Now I miss everyone’s feed or I only see really old posts. I even signed up for notifications on specific accounts to see the difference compared to the people I used to just follow.My instagram family over at @veganmakeupshare tells me even though they have turned on the notifications sometimes they miss my posts. I miss how much more connected everyone was before this algorithm that only benefits major corporations and you @instagram / @facebook (Instagram was acquired by Facebook) I’m pretty sure tons of people dislike this Algorithm. It would be nice to go back to chronological order.

Big Brands,Indie Brands and all the regular Instagram users Also want the chronological order back as well! I did a poll and everyone wants it back.

Yesterday someone contacted me through @creestaaal (My Personal Instagram ) about a dog at a shelter. I tried to network him through Instagram and he only had a few hrs to be rescued. With the old chronological order most of you would had seen it. With the new Algorithm absolutely no one saw my post..and the dog got euthanized ��� I used to be able to help animals through social media platforms now I cannot. I’m on social media platforms to save animals and since this Algorithm...hardly anyone sees my posts meaning there is less chances for those animals to be networked. Shame on you @instagram and shame on you @facebook !!
This was the last straw and this is why I created this petition. If your an animal lover you know social media platforms are a must to try to save them all... At the very least give them a fighting chance!

Sincerely ,

someone who has spent years using your App and making you tons of money by just downloading and using your app daily.

- Creestaaal Sanchez 


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