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Bring Back #Goddess

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On the week of July 19, Instagram banned the tag #goddess citing concern that it was being used to advertise sexually explicit and inappropriate photos of women. The issues surrounding such a targeted exclusion are more than I believe they anticipated and we should not remain silent. 

For millions of individuals across the globe and for centuries, goddess veneration, honoring of the divine feminine has been a cornerstone of the spiritual and cultural lives. From the ancient and established practices of major world religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholicism, to the more recent revival of the Neo-Pagan movement, celebration of the divine feminine, has been a tradition and important part of personal and cultural spiritual practice for millions. The repression of the tag #goddess not only targets women as sexual beings but also represses the millions of individuals who use the tag to share with the global community their love and honoring of the divine feminine both in the human form, and the form that we believe is beyond us and encompasses us all. To accept this seemingly one time and simple act of exclusion is to permit a larger scale denial of our right to express, commune and live out our personal veneration of the goddess, both in ourselves and in the spiritual realm. 

What makes this move particularly questionable is that not only are hundreds of crude and explicit tags still available on Instagram such as #cunts #cunty #fuckwithme (apologies if these offend) but also male oriented tags such as #god #sexyguys #hotguys remain available, while #sexygirl and #hotgirls are also banned, along with #goddess. This is not a matter of protecting users from sexually explicit photos as Instagram claims, it is a direct and targeted suppression of women, the divine feminine and those who celebrate it. 

Instagram users looking to express their unhappiness with the decision are rallying with the tag #bringbackthegoddess and #bringbackgoddess posting pictures of various female deities and spirits, women gathering in celebration and themselves in a personal expression of the inner goddess that resides within us all. I encourage you to both sign this petition as well as post photos to Instagram and other social media sites expressing your relationship with the divine feminine, using the tag #bringbackthegoddess to raise awareness to this issue. Many have also emailed Instagram directly through their website, but have received no response as of yet. 

Please, sign and share this petition. It is a matter of inches and small steps that our right to personal expression is stripped. This is a moment to claim for the #goddess in us all! 

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