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Ban glyphosate from Marrickville Golf Course & stop Dibble Waterhole from being pumped dry

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I live in Marrickville and enjoy the native plants and animals in the Cooks River parklands. But sadly I'm seeing the area being destroyed and polluted by poor land management practices.

- Marrickville Golf Course, alongside the beautiful Cooks River, is being poisoned with herbicides such as glyphosate. The Golf Club are spraying chemicals all over the area, killing native plants and destroying animal habitat. When it rains the chemicals are washed into the Cooks River, contaminating our oceans.

- Dibble Avenue Waterhole in Marrickville is being pumped dry by Marrickville Golf Club to keep the course green. The birds, fish and frogs are losing their habitat.

Inner West Council manages the leases for the Marrickville Golf Course lands and the water at Dibble Waterhole. However Council have failed to put a Plan of Management in place to enforce how the land is used by the leaseholders. This means that Marrickville Golf Club can carry out destructive land management practices, such as the use of herbicides and over-pumping Dibble Waterhole and the Council has no power to stop them.

Please sign this petition to tell Council to urgently create a Plan of Management for the Golf Course and Dibble Waterhole. This Plan of Management will allow Council to ensure that these places are safely managed and not destroyed. 

I want to see the land, the plants and animals healthy and strong so that they can be enjoyed by everyone in the community. 

Please sign now to show that you care. 

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