Cloth nappy rebate for the Inner West

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Each child has around 6000 nappy changes. 

Over the course of these 6000 changes, disposables cost more than cloth nappies (much more if cloth are used on more than one child), and they fill up our red bins (Parramatta Council report that 9% of their total waste was disposables and sanitary items).

Cloth nappies are an important part of a zero waste future.

The initial higher cost of modern cloth nappies can be a significant hurdle. To help families get past this and use cloth, we the undersigned call upon the Inner West Council to follow in the footsteps of Brisbane City Council, Parramatta Council, and many others around Australia and offer a nappy and sanitary item rebate. An example would be 50% off the purchase price to a maximum of $150 (including cloth and swim nappies, reusable inner absorbent liners, reusable wipes, reusable breast pads and wet bags).

Let's make cloth mainstream!