Stop Pay Cuts to Frontline Student Nursing Interns

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The payment given to 4th year nursing students is to be cut by the HSE from January 2021. As per the HSE this payment was initially given to Intern nurses due to COVID-19 and the status of the global pandemic. This status is still remaining in Ireland at this very time and still as rife as March 2020. The HSE has decided that we do not deserve to be paid a living wage, after three years of unpaid full time work and are now trying to take this small compensation for the work we do away from us. We as student nurses have made huge personal and professional sacrifices, such as moving out of our homes, not seeing our loved ones and risking our health and well-being everyday as we attended our mandatory placements. On top of this, we have had to make up every last hour we’ve missed as student nurses over the last three unpaid years and continue to do so in unprotected and unsupported placements during this pandemic. We believe as student nurses we are worth more than the way the HSE treats us. If you respect and value the students nurses who work tirelessly on the frontline PLEASE sign this petition!