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Indigenous People's Day

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The truth is, columbus was lost, and it was the indigenous people who discovered columbus.

Do you really want to celebrate the legacy of a man who committed heinous crimes against the indigenous peoples throughout the Caribbean and Americas?

It is inappropriate for indigenous children and children of America to celebrate the lie of columbus discovering a nation of people, and not have a holiday paying tribute to the indigenous people. It is very important for the government to enact this holiday, and conduct congressional hearings, establishing an honest and honorable relationship between the government and indigenous peoples.

Indigenous governments and the people they represent are requesting that the government bring about a national holiday for indigenous people to be celebrated by all citizens of America and people around the world. The use of the term indigenous is to unite and acknowledge the common history, suffering and experiences of all indigenous people, here on the great turtle island and throughout the world our mother earth, and to pay tribute to this common history, suffering and experiences of all indigenous people. We hope this holiday will be recognized throughout the world, though our focus is here for now. This holiday would pay tribute to indigenous people, to include indigenous people of Alaska and Hawaii, and would pay tribute to those that endured the world's longest holocaust and most costly in human lives.

It is further stated that no indigenous government or its people find reason to celebrate and pay for columbus day. Seventeen states do not recognize columbus day, and the state of South Dakota has changed columbus day to Native American Day.

This is still a relevant issue today, and not just about history. By honoring columbus with a national holiday, our government continues to be complicit, vehemently insult indigenous people, deny truth and actual history, act without empathy, and perpetuate a philosophy of racism and domination.

Therefore be it resolved that the government should reevaluate columbus day, abolish columbus from the calendar, and make the second monday of October a national holiday for indigenous people. Honor the indigenous people by establishing a nationally recognized indigenous holiday.

Please speak up, take a stand, and help eradicate columbus from the calendar.

Take the day to pray for those around the world and right here in our own country, who are victims of exploitation and racism, and honor the indigenous people by establishing a nationally recognized indigenous holiday.

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